Raise a puppy!

What is a puppy raiser?

We ask people from the public to raise service dogs for us.  The commitment is about 18 months.  Once your pup is housebroken, we ask that you take him or her out in public to places that you go, and to weekly training at our Medway, MA facility.  There are lots of options for puppy raising–split the pup’s time between your home and a friend’s, raise the pup full time as your own, or be matched with a weekend puppy raiser by our trainer.
You provide: a safe, loving home, treats, toys and chews.
We provide:  training classes, food, vet care, and of course, 24/7 support.
Who is eligible?  Stay at home people with busy schedules, people who work from home or work in dog friendly environments, active retirees, home schoolers, etc
Medway area:
  • Application submitted via BASK website.
  • Attend/observe 3 classes at Alpha Dog K9 Training at 4 Main Street, Medway, MA.
  • Home visit completed by a BASK representative.
  • Read:  My Smart Puppy, by Sarah Wilson and Brian Kilcommons.
  • Read: How to be your Dog’s Best Friend by the Monks of New Skete.
  • Read: Let Dogs Be Dogs by Marc Goldberg.
  • Wait for a pup assignment/continue to attend classes as able
Once assigned:  attend weekly training and/or field trips.  It’s generally 2 rounds each of puppy k, basic obedience, obedience 2, and CGC class/testing.  All pups are required to pass the AKC Star puppy test, the CGC, CGC-A and CGC-U as well as public access test before being placed with a client.
Pittsfield area–
Coming in early spring of 2020–BASK BERKSHIRES!
We are attempting to secure 5 full time raisers and 5 part time or respite raisers for puppies born around the first of the year.  The training schedule will be a little different–you will be participating via Facebook Live or Skype weekly.  Your trainer will come to you once a month for a field trip or class, and you will be expected to come to our Medway facility once a month.  We are looking forward to working with our friends in western Massachusetts!!
Please fill out this application to be a Puppy Raiser: http://www.bask9.org/help-bask/raise-a-puppy/puppy-raiser-application/